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English 202H

Course Coordinator: Lorena Waselinko

What is 202H?

English 202H (Writing in the Humanities: Adult Literacy), offered through the Department of English in collaboration with Schreyer's Honors College and the Pennsylvania Literacy Corps, is a course designed to provide students enrolled in any college or major an opportunity to examine adult literacy in-depth and, at the same time, engage in a much-needed community service activity through work with adult learners, assisting them as they strive to improve their own literacy skills. In addition to gaining a greater understanding of literacy in general--its history; its relationship to class, gender, and ethnicity; its promises and politics--students who successfully complete this honors course will be recognized by the Pennsylvania Literacy Corps as certified volunteer tutors--a great resume builder.

Why should I take 202H?

202H will give you opportunities to do all of the following:

    • Learn about literacy through exciting texts and invigorating class discussions
    • Participate in community-based literacy service projects
    • Tutor adults who are striving to improve their own literacy skills
    • Become a certified PA Literacy Corps volunteer
    • Satisfy your English 202 requirement

What else do I need to know?

Course requirements include completing several written assignments focusing on various literacy-related issues; discussing assigned readings (including, but not limited to, Mike Rose's Lives on the Boundary, Jean Anyon's Ghetto Schooling, Alex Kotlowitz's There Are No Children Here, and Richard Rodriguez's Hunger of Memory); leading class discussions; participating in a half-day, tutor-training program; and conducting individual tutoring sessions for approximately three hours per week with one or more English as a Second Language (ESL) learners or adults pursuing their General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

Please note that every student who enrolls in English 202H is strongly encouraged (although not required) to register for three internship credits through LA 495 during the same semester. LA 495 is an internship program open to all Penn State students. Students signing up for this internship receive credit for the time spent engaged in training and tutoring while enrolled in English 202H. All work required for the successful completion of the internship will be performed while enrolled in English 202H. (No additional coursework is required.) By enrolling in LA 495 AND 202H simultaneously, students receive credit for becoming certified Literacy Corps tutors. Further, depending upon your major, LA 495 may meet general education requirements.

Students are not automatically enrolled in LA 495 when they register for English 202H. Registration for the LA 495 internship can be completed during the first class meeting period, or in advance through Elizabeth Jenkins at Dr. Jenkins is also the contact for additional information concerning LA 495.

Sounds good. How do I learn more?

More information, including information about registering for the course, is available on the course website.

For additional information about English 202H, please contact the course instructor, Lorena Waselinko, at

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