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English 04

Course Coordinator: Gregg Rogers

What is English 04?

3-credits, one semester

Like other composition courses, ENGL 04 is designed to give students lots of practice in writing, practice calculated to improve their ability to invent substantial content and express it in fluent prose. It also tries to help students learn to see the many functions of writing-as a way to discover ideas, play with language, and communicate with and influence audiences.

Note: while credits earned in ENGL 04 count in GPA and computations of full-time status, they do not count toward graduation requirements for any baccalaureate degree.

Who takes English 04?

English 04 is required of students whose Freshman Testing (FTCAP) scores suggest they need more writing practice before entering ENGL 015.

The underlying premise of ENGL 04 is that students required to take it are inexperienced writers who need practice. The assumption is not that there is anything "wrong" with the students, not that they are incapable of college work. Basic writers do have the ability to conceptualize and organize ideas, to perform complex thinking, but they are unfamiliar with the world of formal writing.

What else do I need to know?

The emphasis in ENGL 04 is first on meaningful expression and then on mechanics, on invention before correctness. Focusing first on meaningful content, students see that they have important things to say. Time is also regularly set aside from the beginning of the course to help students develop skills at the sentence level. Thus in every writing assignment students will first find a significant subject, audience and purpose, and afterward turn their attention toward editing and correctness.

At the end of ENGL 04, each student submits a portfolio of the semester's work to the instructor, who reviews it to make sure that the student is ready for ENGL 015. The rare student who has not met the course objectives can be advised to repeat ENGL 04, even if the student has earned a passing grade (usually a D) in the course.

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Course Objectives

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