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English 05

What is English 05?

ENGL 05 is a one-credit course that provides weekly individual tutoring in writing to support selected students in the first-year composition courses, ENGL 04 and ENGL 015, and in other courses as resources permit. With a recommendation, a student may register for ENGL 005 when classes begin. In the fall and spring semesters, one 35-minute tutorial is held per week. In the summer, each weekly tutorial is 60 minutes. ENGL 05 tutors are English department graduate students and lecturers who are also composition staff members professionally familiar with composition course goals. ENGL 05 is designed around the following objectives:

  • Support students' classroom activities by working closely with their instructors;
  • Help students become more motivated, confident, and independent thinkers and writers;
  • Help students take responsibility for and maintain ownership of their writing by encouraging their full participation in tutorial sessions;
  • Help students improve their overall writing skills through effective strategies for all phases of the writing process: planning, drafting, revising, editing, proofreading; and
  • Create with students a non-threatening, empowering writing space.

Not only does ENGL 05 offer composition instructors a chance to be writing tutors who assist students in learning about writing more efficiently in a one-on-one, relaxed, personal situation, it provides a unique opportunity for tutors and students to become an active part of a writing community in the Undergraduate Writing Center. Moreover, through working with students, communicating and collaborating with other tutors and composition instructors, and participating in staff meetings and peer observations, tutors gain many benefits that enhance classroom teaching as well.

How does one-on-one learning work?

Learning in this one-on-one tutoring situation is personal, relaxed, and efficient. The tutorial does not have a syllabus of its own and is not a replacement for composition classes or individual conferences between the instructor and student; it complements classroom and conference work. Students are required to attend sessions; to bring assignment sheets, other necessary class materials, writing in progress, and returned papers; and to be prepared to work with the tutor on composition course assignments. Because the goal is to make students as self-sufficient writers as possible, tutors will not do any work for students; instead, tutors will keep responsibility for the writing with the writers and help students to improve their writing skills.

How is English 05 graded?

Students enrolled in ENGL 05 must receive a letter grade. To emphasize the supportive nature of ENGL 05, tutors do not mark papers, discuss paper grades, grade exercises or evaluate the student in any way. A student's ENGL 05 grade is based entirely upon the grade in the composition course taken in conjunction with tutoring. Therefore, the instructor for the composition course, not the tutor, will determine a student's grade. One exception to this rule is that if a student misses too many tutoring sessions, she or he will receive an "F" in ENGL 05. Two lates (more than 10 minutes) equal one cut. In the fall and spring, students must attend a minimum of 12 sessions to pass, 6 in the summer.

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Conducting an English 05 Session

Responsibilities of English 15 Instructors of Students in English 05

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