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English 30

Course Coordinator: Gregg Rogers

What is English 30?

ENGL 030, Honors Writing and Composition, is an honors rhetoric course that qualified students take instead of ENGL 015. Since ENGL 030 replaces ENGL 015 as an introduction to upper-level writing courses, it is important that it perform the same function as ENGL 015. Like the students who take ENGL 015, students who take ENGL 030 should learn to invent various kinds of arguments and to adapt them to a variety of clearly defined audiences and purposes.

What else do I need to know?

It is teaching argument that provides the unifying focus for both ENGL 015 and ENGL 030. This does not mean that we train students to become contentious debaters, but it does mean that we teach them to develop habits of critical thinking and reasoning that enable them to distinguish the issue at stake in any writing situation and to marshal evidence for the position they support. ENGL 030 is distinguished from ENGL 015 mainly by the range and depth of its required readings, which we can expect will challenge Penn State's most highly qualified students.

But it is important to remember that ENGL 030 is neither a theoretical course in argument nor a literature course with writing assignments; it is centrally a writing course. This means that the primary emphasis of the course is on helping students develop well-formed and clearly written papers on whatever subjects they are writing about.

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