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Responsibilities of Teachers with Students in English 05

How does English 005 work?

Students can register for ENGL 05 only with a referral from a teacher or academic advisor. To facilitate the referral process, the English department has placed ENGL 05 under course control; therefore, a student cannot register for ENGL 05 until after classes begin. Registration continues during the drop/add period (until all spaces are filled), allowing instructors time to conduct in-class writing to determine which students could profit most from ENGL 05. Because ENGL 05 usually had a full roster as well as a long waiting list, instructors should refer students early and selectively, especially students most likely to profit from a weekly tutorial in writing.

How do students register?

To register, a student should bring a referral, preferably with a writing sample, the composition class syllabus (with assignment due dates, if possible), and his or her semester schedule to the Undergraduate Writing Center, 219 Boucke Building. Here the ENGL 05 Coordinator conducts the registration each semester, assigning each student a regular weekly time that fits into his or her schedule and the rhythm of assigned papers and due dates. Ideally, the tutors and students can work together on drafts as much as possible-before they are handed in for evaluation. When students register for ENGL 05, they are assigned a tutor, and their instructors are notified of their enrollment. Composition instructors should be aware that sometimes their students will enroll on the basis of an advisor's or a previous instructor's recommendation.

Note: Unless students are registered for a full academic load of 12 credits in the fall and spring semesters, they are charged one academic credit for ENGL 05. During summer sessions, all students are charged one academic credit for the tutorial.

How do English 05 tutors and English 15 instructors correspond?

The ENGL 05 tutor's weekly communication with the student's instructor is key to the student's success because it creates a tutor-student-instructor triad of cooperation focusing on the student's improvement. Following each session, the tutor sends the instructor a communication log describing the work that the tutor and student have done together. Instructors then respond to the log by the next session to recommend additional work or suggest areas that need special attention. Of course, the instructor and tutor can contact each other in other ways, too.

This continued cooperation, especially with weekly communication logs between the instructor and tutor, is important to the tutoring system. In a very real sense, in each tutorial, the tutor is working with an instructor and a student to develop the student's writing skills. Consequently, instructors' responses are expected and valuable.

Composition instructors can respond to whatever seems appropriate. Even brief responses to tutors' questions or concerns, to what's working, what's not, or suggestions for the next meeting assist the tutorial immensely. Logs of the correspondence are used during tutorials and kept in the students' folders to document students' attendance and progress, as well as the instructors' contributions. For these reasons, logs should be returned promptly to tutors.

Instructors should remember that because these logs are used during tutorials, comments they wouldn't want students to see should be avoided. Instructors and tutors may contact each other directly to discuss topics of a sensitive nature related to students' work and progress, and tutors may do similarly. If you have concerns about any policies or practices, please contact the ENGL 05 Coordinator or the Undergraduate Writing Center Director.

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