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About the Commission

Created in 1978 by the Pennsylvania General Assembly (42 Pa.C.S. §2154), the Commission on Sentencing is charged to create and maintain a consistent and rational statewide sentencing policy through the adoption of guidelines that promote fairer and more uniform sentencing throughout the Commonwealth.  In 2008, additional mandates directed the Commission to develop resentencing guidelines (42 Pa.C.S. §2154.4), state and county parole guidelines (42 Pa.C.S. §2154.5), and state recommitment ranges (42 Pa.C.S. §2154.6). These new responsibilities enhance accountability and transparency and more closely align state and county parole procedures.  The Commission collects data and information to systematically monitor and report on conformity to guidelines, advises and consults on policy and practices, and undertakes research and evaluation to determine the effectiveness of guidelines.

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