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About SGS Web

The Commission’s legislative mandate to collect and disseminate information on Commonwealth sentencing practices shaped the progression of gathering sentencing information. The original paper forms were phased out, first by the PC-based Sentencing Guideline Software introduced in 1998, and more effectively by the web-based software, SGS Web, introduced four years later in 2002.

Benefiting from the secure environment available at Pennsylvania’s Justice Network (JNET), SGS Web allows on-line calculation of the sentencing guidelines for judges’ consideration at the time of sentence. Retrieving offense information from the Administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) improves efficiency and accuracy. Effective July 1, 2005, SGS Web officially replaced paper forms to fulfill the county requirement to report sentences to the Commission.

Users of SGS Web can quickly determine the correct guideline recommendations and print a guideline sentence form for use by the court. The law requires these forms to be submitted to correctional facilities when offenders are committed. Electronic reporting is more efficient, accuracy is improved, and data are available for use in much less time than under previous paper-based systems.

Today, SGS Web serves as the Commission’s calculation and collection tool and its repository for sentencing data. The importance of this data collection effort cannot be underestimated. The Commission uses sentencing data to determine compliance; to project impacts of changes in the law, policy, or practice; to assess the impact of guidelines and mandatory sentences; to monitor sentencing trends; and to project the impact of policy changes on prison and jail populations.

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